Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Since its introduction in the 80’s people have seen the concept 2 rowing machine as a great alternative to running on a treadmill. People use it for many reasons. Some athletes use it for training before world championships, injured patients use it for recovery, and some use it to keep their bodies fit for their prime sport. The reasons for using concept 2 rowing machine are limconcept 2 module D rowing machine_itless. So far, many people have achieved their goals by just using the rowing machine as a part of their daily fitness workout.

A Brief Background of the Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine

The indoor rowing machine is manufactured by Concept2, a reputable manufacturer of rowing equipments based in Vermont, U.S.A. Also known as ergometers or ergs, the concept2 equipment is considered as a standard training and testing engine for professional rowers. Although, they had been created primarily for training, the concept 2 can be found in many gyms and have been used as a good alternative to treadmills, especially for those who want to exert more effort in their cardio vascular training.

Founded in the mid 70s by rowing siblings Pete and Dick Dreissigacker, the equipment was specifically designed for America’s team for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Since then, the brothers modified the equipment and founded the company Concept 2, which they further developed in the 80s with the idea of creating an indoor rowing machine. The product became an instant success and has been innovated into different models: Model B, C, D, and E, created in 1986, 1993, 2003, and 2006, respectively.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine Benefits and What it Can Do for you

The rowing machine comes with many indoor rowing benefits. Since it incorporates the same amount of effort as rowing a boat on a river, it is regarded as an excellent equipment for weight loss, cardio, and muscle toning. They are specifically effective for fitness enthusiasts of any age since it does not cause strains on a person’s back and joints.In terms of weight loss, the machine can help you burn calories and it is a good add-on in any type of weight-loss program. In fact, a dynamic rowing machine workout allows you to burn as much as 130 calories in 15 minutes and just about 500 to 550 calories in an hour when done vigorously. Incorporating it in your daily workout for one hour per day can help you lose a pound in one week.

Concept 2 Rowing Machines Video


As a cardio workout, the concept 2 rowing machine can help you increase your endurance, speed, and heart function. Many consider it as a good form aerobics exercise because it improves the lungs, heart, and circulation system to work in uniformity.Another acknowledged benefit is the machine’s ability to tone one’s muscles effectively. Since it only requires little pressure on the joints, legs, hips, and butt, the machine utilizes the upper body muscles more. Consequently, this particular method strengthens your arms, back, and shoulders. Because of its adjustable features, you can also create effective workouts that can help improve your body’s overall resistance.

Product Specifications and Features of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

The concept 2 model d is an efficient piece of exercise machine that can give you one of the best rowing workouts possible. Costing roughly around $900 dollars, the product can be upgraded and you can also add additional accessories to it for a more intense rowing experience. In terms of size, the D model comes in 8 inches long and 24 inches wide with a seat approximately 14 inches off the floor. The D model is perfect for storage and is portable enough for transportation.

The equipment is easy to assemble and takes 20 minutes to set up. The program comes with a PM3 monitor that features the following: an on and off rowing program, 1 MB memory card, clear visible options for data storage and review options, and a list of programmed rowing workouts.

The visuals come in a 3×3 inch monitor with a 160X160 resolution. In addition, the equipment has games and display options. It also is wireless compatible. Its wireless compatibility feature allows you connect with other device that allows you to sync-up with other concept2 rowing machines.

Product specifications and features of the concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with pm4 monitor.

In terms of size and dimension, the concept2 d indoor with pm4 monitor is quite similar to the basic concept2 model. The huge difference, however, lies on its programs and wireless capability.

The model d indoor rowing machine with pm4 monitor offers free online tools such as an online logbook, additional challenges, and rowing training forum. Another additional feature is the machine’s workout data display that has 5 display options, a Log Card that allows you to track/monitor your training results, and games.concept-2-indoor-rowing machine

The huge difference is in the equipment’s self-calibrating performance Monitor 4 (PM4). Concept2 model d’s PM4 has a built-in wireless heart rate monitoring and ANT technology that allows wireless racing between rowers (up to 8 machines) without the need of computers or extra plug-ins. Other additional features include additional PM4 games (The Fish Game, Darts, Target Training, and Biathlon).

The Performance Monitor 5 allows you to track data such as distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and watts. A backlit display screen illuminates automatically when you start your workout. The user-friendly menu helps you manage a wide range of features such as preset workouts, games, and multiple languages. Store or transfer your performance data to your Mac or PC with a USB Flash Drive (not included). ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allow you to pair with compatible heart rate monitors for wireless heart rate monitoring. The wireless capabilities of the PM5 also support machine-to-machine racing and connectivity to computers and smartphones.

Which indoor rowing machine is best for you? Although the answer may be subjective, most people prefer using the concept2 model d indoor rowing machine with built-in pm4 monitor.

It is by far the best dry rower equipment even when compared to the latest offerings of its brand rivals Lifecore and Stamina. It is ergonomically sound and its pulleys are silky smooth, which is a huge plus for an indoor rowing machine. However, if you prefer a more traditional and simple machine, you can always add up the original concept2 model d among your top options since it still is as effective and efficient as the pm4.The concept 2 rowing machine works for almost anyone.

It is effective equipment for weight loss, cardio, muscle toning, and it helps reduce stress. Concept2 has become a popular home-exercise machine of choice because they are compact in sizes and they are very portable. It can work for athletes, non-athletes, and everyone in between. Whatever your fitness goals are, using Concept2 indoor rower can work for you!